About Us

Hello, my name is Mindy Mountjoy.  I grew up in small town USA, located in central Illinois.  After graduating high school, I attended a small community college.  Once I earned my Associates Degree, I continued my education at Bradley University.  Before completing all my courses, I was blessed to be pregnant with our oldest child, Kierston.  She turned out wonderful and thanks to my partner in crime Mark, we couldn’t have been happier.  I had to put my education on hold as I wanted to focus on my career and child at the time, but I eventually returned to finish my bachelor’s in Business Administration.

Since then, our family has grown with another little girl Harper.  Even though each child brings a little more chaos to our world, we love them both unconditionally.  Raising two kids while working full time is no easy task, but I always loved arts and crafts and continue to be creative in my free time.  Our oldest shares the same love and therefore I decided to create Harpston Creations.  The name itself is a perfect blend of three things that are important to me.  I love to be creative, especially if it makes someone else happier.